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Welcome to Lily James Daily, your best online home for everything Lily Chloe Ninette Thomson. She is a british actress most known for her parts in Cinderella, Baby Driver and Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again. We are here to provide you with all the latest updates, news, photos and many more about the beautiful Lily. Thank you for visiting, enjoy your stay and come back soon!

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Lily James talks to Collider

Very interesting new interview about her latest movie, her next projects and wanting to direct… Enjoy!

COLLIDER – In the new film What’s Love Got to Do With It?, 30-something documentary filmmaker Zoe (Lily James) is thrown for a loop when her childhood best friend Kaz (Shazad Latif) tells her he has asked his parents to arrange a marriage for him. With her romantic life up in the air, Zoe decides to at least get a handle on her professional life, and asks Kaz to be the subject of her new film on modern-day arranged marriages. Though he agrees, as the big day approaches, the two longtime friends slowly come to terms with feelings they’ve let sit for too long.In this one-on-one interview with Collider’s Arezou Amin, James talks about what drew her to the project, what makes Zoe and her story so relatable, and the fresh perspective What’s Love Got to Do With It? puts on falling in love. She also talks about which scene was the most fun to shoot, whether she would like to direct one day, and what kind of moody music she thinks best suits Zoe.

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Variety’s actors on actors

This year, Lily James participated in the annual Variety segment called Actors on Actors which is released both in the magazine and on YouTube. Lily was paired with (also british) actor Tom Hiddleston! We have many pictures from this set thanks to our friends over at Lily James Online, make sure to check them out!

The Hollywood Reporter

Lily James is a part of the newest issue of The Hollywood Reporter with many other talented actresses. Find outtakes and scans below. I’ve also added the roundtable interview, enjoy!

Late Late Show with James Corden

Lily James visited the Late Late Show with James Corden on February 03 where she reunited with actor and director Kenneth Branagh. She talks about Pam & Tommy, Cinderella and casting memories. See pictures and interview below:

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Lily James and Sebastian Stan visited Jimmy Kimmel Live on February 01 to talk about their new mini series Pam&Tommy. You can find the full interview as well as the pictures below:

Variety photoshoot

Lily James and Sebastian Stan are on the cover of the newest Variety issue to talk about their mini series Pam&Tommy. Find below outtakes, scans and the interview video:



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